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2P10 Adhesive Systems

FastCap 2P10 Adhesive Systems- at the core 2P-10 is an incredible new two-part adhesive system that FastCap has developed. For all intents and purposes, this is an industrial strength super glue or cynoacrelade. It is basically an acrylic type glue that takes two parts, an adhesive and an activator, and in ten seconds it fully dries and in 30 seconds it fully cures.

    The key component of the system, the adhesive, comes in three variations: Medium, Thick and Jël.
  • The Medium is ideal for gluing up laminates or smooth surfaces.
  • The Thick adhesive is ideal for working with porous surfaces.
  • The Jël is for gap filling and vertical surfaces.
    The 2P-10 line is available in three configurations: the 2P-10 Kit, 2P-10 Solo, and 2P-10 in 8 ounce bottles.

    The 2P-10 Kit comes in a hard-shell case and includes everything you need to effectively accomplish what you are trying to glue up. It includes two bottles of activator, one bottle of debonder, two thick adhesive bottles, one medium adhesive bottle and two activator pumps.

    The 2P-10 Solo Kit, an industrial sized kit, includes a twelve ounce aerosol can of activator and a two-ounce bottle of thick adhesive. 2P-10 adhesives are also available in 8 ounce bottles, in each of the three variations—medium, thick and Jël. Each component of these systems can also be purchased separately.

    2p10 Products are Restricted to UPS Ground

    Working with 2P-10 is easy. All you have to do is place a bead of the adhesive on one surface and spray the activator on the other surface. Place the two surfaces together and apply pressure for ten seconds. In ten seconds the glue will be dry and can actually be worked with. The bond formed is so strong, that in an end to end bond what actually breaks is the wood not the adhesive! It is absolutely amazing. The 2P-10 system works on wood, plastic, glass, metal… virtually any surface.

2p10 Products are Restricted to UPS Ground

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