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The Blades The most important issue in a well designed turning tool is the quality of the blade. All Robert Larson™ are manufactured to precise specifications. The steel is M2 molybdenum based high speed steel which is machined from the solid stock in most cases. A few tools are entirely forged into shape. Next the tool is heat treated, being hardened and tempered to sixty-two degrees on the Rockwell "C" scale. This is by no means the end of the manufacturing process as the blades are next machine ground and, in a number of cases hand ground as well. The cutting edge is carefully ground, with this being followed by hand glazing and polishing of the tool surface. Polishing is linear to the blade length, unlike other manufactures that leave circular polishing markings on the blade. In the case of fluted tools, polishing is accomplished with specially shaped abrasive impregnated rubber wheels. A thorough inspection is made on each and every tool before it is proudly marked HSS Steel, Made in Sheffield England. The Handles While the blades may be the most important part of a woodturning tool, the handle can make a tremendous difference in the accuracy of your turning as well as how long you can turn before getting tired. Robert Larson™ turning tool handles were designed in consultation with a leading woodturning company (established over a century ago) to provide both a firm as well as comfortable grip that will let you do your best work for hours on end! the handle starts with a blank of quality ash wood which is shaped into a unique style with beaded grips. While other manufactures will apply a lacquer finish to the handle, these handles have an oil finish which provides a firmer grip. A solid brass sleeve is mounted on the front rear of the handle to strengthen the fitting of the blade tang into the handle. Each tool has been evaluated and given the best size handle for the job.

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