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CMT Router Table Top and Fence, Porter Cable 7518 Router (Used)

999.500.02 CMT Industrio Routing System 999.500.02

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999.500.02 CMT Industrio Routing System 999.500.02
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Features & Specs

CMT teamed up with cabinet maker Marc Sommerfeld to design the ultimate router table system. Marc has years of experiences working with shapers so naturally the design of our new table resembles a shaper both in form and function.

With today's powerful 3 to 3-1/2 HP routers and the use of large 3-1/2" diameter raised panel bits, a table mounted router is truly more versatile than a shaper. Today's routers can match the power of a shaper yet have the flexibility of variable speeds between 8,000 and 22,000 rpm.

With a shaper you only have two speeds, 7,000 or 10,000 rpm.

CMT has designed and built their table on the concept of creating a true industrial production routing system from top to bottom. This year they added a 11-3/4" by 14-3/4" insert plate milled from 3/4" phenolic. Phenolic is an extremely stable and durable material consisting of hundreds of layers of laminated sheets of phenolic. Phenolic has many of the properties of steel in strength and hardness and it can be drilled and tapped in much the same way. Phenolic is much more stable than the melamine or MDF tops found on many of today's router tables.

Marc has been using phenolic for his router tops for years because phenolic tops are made flat and stay flat far longer than a melamine or MDF top will.

The table also includes interlocking aluminum rings to provide three hole sizes for different diameters of router bits and an extruded aluminum miter track. For the fence they decided on an anodized extruded aluminum fence with a sub-fence made of high density white plastic for an ultra smooth feeding surface. Marc also wanted to incorporate the zero clearance inserts he uses on his previous router tables. The center section of the subfence allows the use of a replaceable mid-section that the bits can be cut through for a near zero clearance to reduce tearout for cleaner, safer cuts. The fence can be utilized in two ways - as a pivoting fence or locked into a fixed position parallel to the miter track with end clamps.

Marc has been hooked on pivoting fence for many reasons, mainly faster and easier set ups. Many bits today have guide bearings on them which makes alignment of the pivoting fence quick and simple. Just pivot the fence into the bearing with a straight edge lined up against the fence, tighten the ratcheting handle and you are ready to go. The three components are also available separately.

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