Commercial Guide Sets Universal

Table Saw Guidesets are part of the structure that is secured to the table saw and serves as a platform on which the table saw fence is maneuvered between the blade and the end of the guideset. The guideset determines the ripping capacity of the saw either to the right of the blade or to the left. A typical guideset will have a ripping capacity of 12-24” to the left of the saw blade and 30” to 98” to right. Biesemeyer Guidesets consist of three pieces, a rear rail, front rail and guide tube. The guide rails give rigidity to the fence system and the guide tube is the member that the fence will ride along. The guide tube will have a scale on it to determine the distance between the saw blade and the edge of the fence. This also known as the ripping width.

Biesemeyer Fences are sold separately