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Silky Japanese Hand Saws and Tree Trimming Saws

Silky Japanese Hand Saws and Tree Trimming Saws-The clang of hammering resounded for the first time in the land of Kishi, Japan in 1919. Silky's founder Mr. Katsuji Miyawaki utilized his artisan spirit to create and produce the “TAMAKITSUNE” the original brand of SILKY. He put his heart, soul and unrelenting spirit into the development and manufacture of superior designed, high quality saws which continues to this day.

In 1970, the invention of the automatic saw setting machine created a significant revolution in the development of saws and SILKY was the first to adopt this process. In 1980, SILKY created and patented a proprietary saw setting process that provided a remarkable improvement in sharpness. The “4-RETSUME” and the “MIRAIME2” saws were created utilizing this advanced technology. In 1983, a unification of the company occurred and the SILKY name was applied to all products. In 1985, both the “GOMTARO” and the “GOMBOY” were introduced featuring the first rubber clad handle. This design was awarded the coveted Japanese Good-Design prize and created a sensation in the industry. The “GOMBOY” has become the industry standard for folding saws. Since then, many other superior saw designs have been introduced further enhancing SILKY’s long standing reputation for excellence. SILKY continues to lead the industry in the development of epoch-making designs.

The company is now capably headed by Uichi Miyawaki who inherited our founders mind, wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to continue to create the best possible saws in the universe. It is critically important to human’s survival that trees, forests and greenery are well maintained and cherished. SILKY’s intent is to be eco-friendly and to continue with a strong passion for excellence in the design and manufacture of saws and related products that are superior and a pleasure to use everywhere in the world.

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