Biesemeyer Table Saw Blade Guards

Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Bladeguard System No more hassles! No more production slow downs! The T-Square Table Saw Bladeguard system protects woodworkers during most sawing operations without sacrificing production time. Designed to fit most sizes and makes of table saws with the T-Square System . The counter balanced weight allows end of board to feed under the cover. The Lexan blade cover offers good visibility and can be moved side to side to position it precisely. Note: 78-960 & 78-955 guards come with anti-kickback spreader compatible with Delta Unisaw, Contractor, and Tilting Arbor saws. Spreaders for all Blade guard will work on Biesemeyer Fence systems and Delta Contractor's Saws. If your brand of saw is not listed, you can order a ceiling mounted or floor mounted model.

Ripping capacity is the distance from the saw blade to farthest distance your fence can go to the right of the blade. This is the distance you need to know to make sure you get the correct blade guard.