Biesemeyer Table Saw Anti-kickback Spreaders

Biesemeyer Table Saw Anti-kickback Spreaders will increase your table saw safety by adding a Biesemeyer anti-kickback snap-in spreader.
Designed to reduce dangerous kickbacks, this spreader snaps in instantly and removes easily on saws from several manufacturers. Each spreader has a unique mounting bracket designed to easily mount to the saw using the existing mounting holes for the saws factory guard/spreader unit. Once the mounting bracket is installed, you can be assured that the spreader will be aligned with the saw blade every time it is removed and reinserted. The splitter blade is quickly removed by taking out the table insert, pulling on the spring loaded pin and pulling the blade out. Insert the spreader into the mounting bracket until the spring loaded pin engages the hole in the splitter blade to reinstall.

The Biesemeyer® T-Square® Anti-kickback Splitter Is designed to be used inconjuction with a basket style blade guard.

The splitters are not intended to be used with a thin kerf blade. Minimum saw blade thickness is 1/8".