Anti-Kickback Splitters

Biesemeyer® T-Square® Anti-kickback Splitter Is designed to be used inconjuction with a basket style blade guard. The splitters are not intended to be used with a thin kerf blade. Minimum saw blade thickness is 1/8".Increase your cabinet saw, Unisaw or contractors table saw safety by adding the Biesemeyer anti-kickback snap-in spreader. This easy in, easy out, spreader is designed to reduce dangerous kickbacks, yet still allows clear operations when the upper saw guard must be removed. Powermatic 64A does not have a splitter available from Biesemeyer Powermatic 66 manufactured before 1978 use B78440 Powermatic 66 manufactured between 1978 and 2000 Use B78441 Powermatic saws manufactured after Oct, 2000 use B78440. Delta makes a disappearing splitter for some of their table saws as well.