Robert Larosn Lathe Chisel 3/4" Round Nose Side Cut Scraper

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Lathe Chisel 920-6015 Round Nose Side Cut Scraper 3/4" HSS Steel

Robert Larson™ turning tool handles were designed in consultation with a leading woodturning company (established over a century ago). Each tool has been evaluated and given the best size handle for the job.

  • The steel is M2 molybdenum based high speed steel which is machined from the solid stock in most cases. A few tools are entirely forged into shape.The tool is heat treated, being hardened and tempered to sixty-two degrees on the Rockwell "C" scale.
  • The cutting edge is carefully ground, with this being followed by hand glazing and polishing of the tool surface. Polishing is linear to the blade length.
  • the handle starts with a blank of quality ash wood which is shaped into a unique style with beaded grips. these handles have an oil finish which provides a firmer grip.
  • A solid brass sleeve is mounted on the front rear of the handle to strengthen the fitting of the blade tang into the handle.

Made in Sheffield England.