Synchro-Lock Lever Clamps

The Gross Stabil Synchro-Lock Lever Clamps. The quick and safe method to generating powerful clamping pressure. The new lever clamping system with the Synchro-lock mechanism for easy and conformable operation. You have the choice to either use the lateral ratchet release lever or the push-button release at the end of the handle. Choose the right press, and click! The improved leverage and ergonomically designed quick release lever reduce expenditure of time and energy to a minimum. The new ratchet protection shell avoids injuries of finger when clamping overhead. The fixed and moveable jaws are made from high quality special steel, drop forged, hardened and galvanized. The ratchet is wear-resistant designed. The handle is ergonomically designed and plastic coated. Large tilting pressure plate, is galvanized. The double release mechanism is easy to use. Synchro-Lock Lever Clamps are the clamps to use every day.