CMT 3/8" Rabbeting Router Bit 1/2" length 1/4" shank 835.317.11

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The biggest problem encountered when rabbeting is achieving a cut with a deep enough groove. Usually it takes more than one cut to get the depth you want causing you to risk precision and waste time. With CMT Rabbeting Bits, the problem is resolved.
These carbide faced rabbeting bits are fast and accurate - you can quickly produce inset doors and drawer fronts, make strong rabbet joints, mill perfect tongue and groove joints or any number of other jobs that before were time consuming and difficult. You can even re-groove old window frames to fit insulated glass panes with the extra long CMT 3/4" rabbeting bit to put extra finishing touches on all your grooving and rabbeting projects.

This bit has a 3/8" (9.5 mm) cutting depth, a 1-1/4" cuting diameter, and a 1/2" cutting length. The bearing diameter is 1/2". The shank size is 1/4".

D=1-1/4" I=1/2" H=3/8" S=1/4"